Play Smarty Bird

Available free for mobile and web!

A smashup of flapping + puzzle solving!

  • Flap, dodge, collect, and bounce to victory
  • Be amused by the fun and silly music
  • Share your highscore with friends so they may awe at your greatness
  • The real challenge is in finding the best way to collect & combine tiles

Maximize Your Score With These Pro Tips!

When passing through pipes, try to stay close to the bottom pipe.

Collect tiles equal to or less than the last tile in the bank.

Always fly in between both pipes to collect extra points.

Points break-down:

  • 100x face value of each tile collected
  • 250 points when tiles combine
  • 1k points when passing between pipes
  • 5k points when leveling-up
  • 10k points if you can catch scooter
  • Some power-ups give you points when you touch a pipe